Jim Davis

Live February 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST

The School of Art at Ball State University proudly presents the second public presentation by artist-in-residence, Mr. Jim Davis, creator of Garfield and Ball State alumnus.

"The Business of Garfield"

Wednesday, February 15th, 7-8:30 pm, in Sursa Hall, located in the Music Instruction Building.

In 1978 Mr. Davis began drawing the lasagna-loving Garfield the Cat. Now, 40 years later, Garfield is one of the most well-known and commercially successful brands in syndicated comics and pop-culture history, appearing in over 2500 newspapers worldwide and holding the Guinness World Record for the most widely syndicated comic strip. Mr. Davis will discuss the business strategies and professional opportunities that went into his making everyone's favorite cat the international icon he is today.

Anyone who is interested in the graphic arts, comics as an art form, entrepreneurship, or just a fan of the work of Mr. Davis, will enjoy this presentation.

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